History Of Your Childhood: The Story Behind ‘Skinnamarink’

Today we’re talking about the Skinnamarink song. I’m sure you, like me, even with the words you may not be quite sure what that means. So, to help that out, let refresh your memories. Surely, reading the lyrics to the Skinamarkink song will help bring the memories of childhood back.

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Skinnamarinky dinky dink
I love you!

I love you in the morning,
And in the afternoon.
I love you in the evening,
Underneath the moon…

Skinnamarink a dink a dink
I love you!

Ring a bell? Yeah.


So, what is a Skidamarink?

The song title appears under different spellings. sometimes its “Skid-dy-mer-rink-adink-aboomp”, “Skiddy-Mer-Rink-A-Doo”, “Skinamarink”, “Skinnamarink”, or “Skiddamarink”. At times, it’s sung differently, too.

It was an original song for a Broadway musical called, The Echo. The musical was produced by Charles Dillingham in 1910. The song, however, lived on after The Echo ended and gained a whole new life of its own.

In Canada, the song was well received and was popularized by Canadian children’s entertainers Sharon Hampson, Lois Lilienstein, and Bram Morrison. The trio was called Sharon, Lois, and Bram. They featured the song in every episode of The Elephant Show, their television show, and it was played on the fictional tv show Skinnamarink TV, which was produced in Toronto.

Song Reception

If you’re wondering what the word Skidamarink means, the answer is that a long drawn out silly cute thing to say. It doesn’t inherently have a meaning, nor was one assigned when it was made up. It has been used in parent/child classes, and the structure involves parents and children singing it back to each other, and it’s just meant to be a cute moment.

The song has been seen/heard on many children’s programming such as Sesame Street and Ernie’s Show and Tell.

What do you think?

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