Insane Video Shows Woman Throwing Computer at Airline Agent After Her Kids Went Missing

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Holiday travel is the least wonderful time of the year. Especially when your kids go missing in the airport, it seems. Watch this insane video of an angry American Airlines customer throwing a computer at an agent.

The incident occurred at Miami Dade International Airport, which ironically is also called MIA. And that’s exactly what happened to the woman’s children. Which is why she totally lost it.

Woman Threw Computer at Airline Agent After Her Kids Went Missing

The mother is saying, “Find my children!” over and over before chucking the airline’s computer at the customer service agent. The fact that the agent is wearing reindeer antlers gives the scene an element of surrealness. It’s like watching a Will Ferrell movie or something.

But for the upset would-be passenger, the incident is anything but funny. Not only did she lose her kids, but she was then arrested. Hopefully the kids were found, but the news didn’t report on that.

According to NBC 6, an American Airlines rep gave a statement about the incident.

“The customer physically assaulted their customer care agent. The airline says they do not tolerate acts of violence against their team members,” said NBC’s Alyssa Hyman.

She Was Arrested for Battery, Caused $10,000 in Damages

According to TMZ, the angry woman lost it when she realized her children had wandered off from the gate without telling her. She allegedly caused $10,000 worth of damages and bruised the airline agent’s shoulder when she threw the computer. The woman was then questioned before being arrested for criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and aggravated battery.

Comments under the original video, which was posted to Instagram by @OnlyInDade, are mixed.

“If she is saying find my children and you guys aren’t okay with how she’s reacting from her children missing… then I see why y’all aren’t canceling Balenciaga,” wrote singer-songwriter Trenten Priest.

“She hit a reindeer! [sic] Animal abuse!” someone else posted.

“The older lady with horns seemed like she has absolutely nothing to do with her madness but got attacked for no reasons. I have people empty their anger on innocent people with no reasons,” commented model Rudy Bundini.

“I’d be acting out if my children went missing and the airline is responsible too… these comments are heavy with the micro aggression,” wrote another person.

Truth be told, my heart goes out to the lady who threw the computer. Hopefully, she found her kids.

Also, as a PSA: Over 115 million Americans are flying to see family this holiday season. Keep tabs on your kids. There are a thousand different kinds of kid leashes these days. Sure, you might get some weird looks. But then you won’t end up throwing a computer at an airline agent and getting arrested.

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