Florida Man Sets Police Car on Fire, Says He Does ‘Stupid Things’ When Drunk

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

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A man in Spring Hill, Florida is sitting in jail thanks to his alcohol-induced reduced inhibitions. Anthony Thomas Tarduno walked out of a bar and decided to set a police car on fire. He later confessed that he was an arsonist. He also said he does “stupid things” when he’s “drunk,” which he was.

Florida Man Walks Out of Bar, Puts Flaming Bag of Trash Under Police Car Gas Tank

Tarduno was day-drinking at a bar on Northcliffe Boulevard and walked outside around 4:30 pm on December 7th. When he saw a parked cop car, he decided to set it on fire. He did this by taking a trash bag from a dumpster, placing the bag under the car, and using his lighter.

Tarduno went back to the bar but then returned to the crime scene because he “felt bad.”

The Hernando County Sheriffs and Fire Departments put the fire out after receiving calls from 911. Investigators say that the trash bags had been placed directly below the police car’s gas tank. The rear passenger side was severely damaged. A local resident’s personal car, parked close to the police car, was also damaged by the fire.

According to Sun Coast News, authorities said that Tarduno was “cooperative.” He also assured them that he hadn’t purposefully targeted the police car. He said he would have set any car on fire at that time.

How Many Jail Sentences Does “Stupid Things When Drunk” Guy Need?

The Hernando County Sheriffs

Tarduno has a record of previous arson (2012), indecent exposure (2011), and driving with a suspended or revoked license (2018). He is currently sitting in the Hernando County Jail on two counts of arson. His bail has been set to $30,000.

It’s not clear if Tarduno has any intention of putting a stop to doing “stupid things” while “drunk.” To his benefit, at least the guy maintains some sense of guilt and honesty despite his “stupidity” and dangerous tendencies. The dichotomy of his self-awareness and the obvious fact that he poses a danger to society is perplexing. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

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