Massive Brawl Breaks Out Inside Popeyes Between Customers

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

There’s no better way to enjoy a Popeye’s chicken sandwich than to get into a brouhaha. But before that, you should throw some stuff at an employee — you know, just to get things headed in the wrong direction.

The fight was actually between a woman, a customer and an employee. The video that has gone viral about the incident shows that you probably shouldn’t mess the Popeye’s staff.

After all, the customer in question threw an item at a female worker … who then returned the favor. Then the employee emerged from behind the counter, as did several of her co-workers, and it suddenly turned into a game of chicken.

Namely, who would break first?

Well, the answer was a guy, who actually tried to break up the female fight — but took an accidental shot to the cheek. After that, it was a little beyond bad news for the customer. There were more employees than there were of her, as the video revealed.

Brawl Breaks Out Inside Popeyes Between Customers

Finally, a male customer and male employee were able to restore order, and the employees returned to behind the counter. Yes, as if there had been just a fight in a fast-food joint. It was almost as if it never happened.

Meanwhile, the customer just calmly looked for belongings with the help of the male worker and another employee.

It’s unclear why the fight actually started or if there were any arrests or dismissals. But we do know Popeye’s serves a mean chicken sandwich. Though you may want to order them without a side of whoop-a**.

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  1. The company can be sued because all of the workers attacked a person who was no longer a threat as you can see her walking out after she threw food. The workers have zero affirmative defence to self defense since the girl was walking away. Also, the company can be sued for vicarious liability. This girl needs to file battery charges and put these animals in jail.
    There were 2 animals who attacked her when there was no need and those two should be put in jail for 2 years.

  2. What an unbelievably biased story. The customer threw back what was thrown at her. Also, the employees threw the first punch. Four female employees proceeded to jump her. Four female employees should be put in jail. No words spoken no matter how egregious warrant someone or more than one people to attack you. I will not be eating at a Popeyes anymore until it is confirmed these employees were fired.

    People don’t like to be raped because they are touched in an inappropriate manner. Pummeling someone that does not want to be pummeled is just as bad or even worse than a rape. Celebrating these employees is downright shameful.

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