Plane Brawl Delays Flight for 2 Hours After Window Seat Dispute

A woman picked a fight with a family of 10 on a Brazilian Gol Airlines flight due to leave Salvador, Brazil for São Paulo, causing a delay of two hours and apparently, some hurt feelings.

But yes, you read that right — the woman picked a fight with 10 people. It reportedly all stemmed from the woman’s inability to sit near her disabled son near a window. Reports say that `15 people were involved in all, before flight attendants, crew members and even some of the pilots restored order.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Video of the fight has surfaced online, and it shows people shouting, pulling each other’s hair and hitting each other.

“I was already closing the doors when I saw the two slapping each other in row 20,” a flight attendant said, via Sputnik International. “I ran, as soon as I got there, I already got between the two, but what happens: One family had five people and the other 10. The two families started slapping each other, cursing each other.”

Wild Brawl Alert!

Each of the brawl’s participants were escorted off the flight, which eventually did make it to its destination. It just got there about a dozen haymakers and two hours after initially scheduled.

“The centerpiece of the fight was two women going ballistic on one another,” Simply Flying wrote. “It is not clear precisely who each passenger was, but it is presumed that one was the angered mother. These passengers were subsequently pulled away from one another.”

GOL Brazil released a statement on the incident.

“GOL informs that the scene in the video circulating on social media took place before the takeoff of flight G3 1659 this Thursday (02/02) between Salvador (SSA) and Congonhas (CGH), in São Paulo,” the statement read. “Everyone involved at the scene of violence were disembarked and did not continue their journey. The Company regrets any act of violence and reinforces that the actions taken by the crew team were taken with a focus on Safety, GOL’s number 1 value.”

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