Women Arrested at Miami Airport After Wild Brawl Over Missed Boarding

Nothing can tick off a traveler like missing a flight. When that happens, you tend to blame everyone but … well, yourself.

So when it happened to a woman flying on Frontier Airlines in Miami, she became mad enough to get arrested, just after allegedly assaulting an airline worker.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Her arrest didn’t go much better by the looks of things, given how she kicked and screamed and just generally behaved like a crazy person. At least, that’s what the viral video seemed to reveal.

Makyan Mercer, 20, and traveling companion Janaeah Negash, 21, can be heard screaming as airport security drag them across the floor. Mercer was also kicking into the air as she was brought to the ground.

The whole thing started when Mercer allegedly threw a plastic sign at an airline worker, cutting the worker’s face. Mercer and Negash were reportedly traveling from Durham, N.C., to Atlanta. Miami was just a pit-stop along the way.

Women Arrested at Miami Airport After Wild Brawl Over Missed Boarding

Mercer ended up being charged with aggravated battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest with violence. Negash was charged with disorderly conduct and also resisting arrest with violence.

Frontier Airlines released a statement, revealing that neither will be flying on their planes anymore.

“We are providing our full support to the injured team member and are appalled by the conduct of the two customers who were ultimately arrested,” the statement read, via NBC News. “Both will be permanently banned from flying with us in the future.”

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