Man Allegedly Forced 3 Kids to Watch Porn, Drink His Pee, and Perform Sex Acts

(Pettis County Jail)

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Videos by Rare

A Missouri man has been arrested on heinous allegations that include forcing three young children to watch pornography, forcing children to drink his urine, and forcing children to perform sexual acts on him.

36-year-old John Archambault of Sedalia, Missouri was arrested and charged with two counts of felony first-degree statutory sodomy and misdemeanor furnishing pornographic material or attempt to furnish to a minor.

According to the Sedalia Police Department, all three of the children questioned independently told officers that Archambault forced them to watch pornography. One child also claimed that Archambault threatened to kill them if the child did not perform sex acts on him.

This child also claimed that Archambault urinated in their mouth and attempted to force the child to drink a glass of his urine.

Another child claimed that Archambault forced them to watch porn with him, though they told police that Archambault did not perform sex acts on them. This child did, however, tell police that a different child told them that Archambault performed sex acts on them when they were 7-years-old and that they were scared while the sexual assault was taking place.

A third child told Sedalia police that Archambault performed nonconsensual sex acts on them and that the sex acts were painful. The child also accused Archambault of trying to get them to drink a glass of urine as well, and stated that they were shown pornographic videos by Archambault like the other children.

When questioned, Archambault’s landlord in Sedalia told police that she recalled Archambault having containers of urine laying around his home. Archambault did admit to the police that he watched pornography but denied having ever watched it in front of or with any children. When asked to take a Computer Voice Stress Analyzer test Archambault at first agreed but then decided against it, citing a concern that medication he is taking might negatively affect the test results.

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