Someone spotted something creepy in this bachelorette party photo, and it’s freaking people out

A Scottish bachelorette party took a turn for the creepy after the celebrating ladies spotted something bizarre in the background of one of their photos.

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According to the Daily Mail, the group of 10 women had spent the weekend on a Scotland estate over the summer when they decided to pose for a photo to cap off their celebration. In the first of a pair of images, taken moments apart, the women simply smile while holding masks of the characters from the “Harry Potter” films.

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The second photo is where things get spooky. The ladies can be seen again, smiling with their hands in the air. But off to the side, a small child is suddenly pictured crouching beside a block of wood.

Upon researching the location, the women reportedly discovered a tale of a little boy who had fallen into the lake and drowned after sleep-walking on the property years before.

According to the Mail, a BBC film, “Blue Boy” was produced in 1994 with a plot based around the spooky story.

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“I was talking to the hotelier about it, and he mentioned the Blue Boy,” said Paul Murton to The Herald at the time. He was the British screenwriter behind the series.


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“This, he said, was a young child who had been on holiday with his parents in the hotel and he had been sleepwalking during the night. He had strayed outside, fallen into the loch, and drowned. When they found his body it was blue with the cold.”

Murton added, “Hotel staff had noticed that things like cutlery and plates were often out of place for no apparent reason. Perhaps more sinister than that was the fact that they sometimes found wet footprints upstairs in the corridor.”

While the story may or may not be true, it’s definitely spooky enough to scare the women featured and baffle thousands of viewers.

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