Southwest Flight Attendant Catches Pilots Watching Passengers Use Bathroom on Hidden Camera

In arguably the grossest Peeping Tom case in the history of the universe — just beating out the hidden view portal that two Zerenian perverts set up in a fertilization hive 2 million years ago on a yet to be discovered planet (don’t ask me how I know) — two Southwest Airlines pilots have been accused of setting up a hidden camera in an airplane bathroom and watching their passengers go peepee and poopoo on an iPad from the cockpit.

Why? Is it even worth looking into a motive for this? I say no. Hopefully, it was just for the lawlz, because if they’re into watching people in their worst state, in a gross bathroom, having their systems flushed by terrible airport coffee, without their consent then that’s disgusting on like eight different levels.

The world’s worst peep show was discovered by Southwest flight attendant Renee Steinaker on Flight 1088 between Pittsburgh and Phoenix in February 2017. Steinaker was called into the cockpit when one of the pilots, Capt. Terry Graham needed to use the restroom. (FAA regulations require two people in the cockpit at all times.) It was then that Steinaker noticed the iPad streaming bathroom footage from the bathroom and presumably asked, “Ummmm what the actual hell is going on here? Is that a peepee live stream?”

The other pilot, co-pilot Ryan Russell, confirmed to Steinaker that yes, what she was seeing on the iPad was indeed a peepee live stream. Then, Steinaker was like, “Was I filmed going onesie and twosie on this camera???” And the co-pilot was (probably) like, “lol yeah sorry.” So Steinaker immediately took photos of the iPad and reported the pilots as soon as she could.

She also mentioned that one of the pilots just left a gun lying around the cockpit. Somehow that was just a footnote in all this. But the airline was more concerned with Steinaker’s story not getting out than the actual filming of people going to the bathroom in a horizontal toilet coffin.

“If this got out, if this went public, no one, I mean no one, would ever fly our airline again,” one Southwest official allegedly and correctly claimed.

Now there’s a federal lawsuit about it. Southwest denies everything, as do the pilots. Stay tuned!

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