Teenagers Caught Smashing Angel Statue at Queens Church

Three teenagers vandalized a $500 angel statue outside a Brooklyn church at 10 p.m. on Thursday night.

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The culprits were captured on surveillance footage at Holy Family Catholic Church in Queens. In the video, two boys are seen lifting a concrete angel statue over the fence and chucking it into the street, where it shatters upon impact. In the meantime, a third boy is shown filming the act on his phone. The teens exit the scene once the statue is destroyed, leaving the broken pieces on the ground.

Surveillance Video Shows Teen Boys Destroying Church Statue

Although the identity of the three teens is not yet known, authorities have estimated them to be 15-17 years old. The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is currently investigating the occurrence.

Meanwhile, Father Sean Sukiel tells the New York Post that “The parishioners are very upset about it.” He wonders about the teens’ motivations, claiming social media as a possible influence. “If they know the difference between right and wrong, why did they do this? Is this a TikTok challenge”

The church priest also worries that violent acts similar to the destruction of the angel statue could be on the horizon. “We’re entering Holy Week next week,” he tells New York radio station 1010 WINS. “Are we going to be vandalized again?”

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