Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was quick to defend his daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, after Chelsea Handler called her a “harlot,” along with a slew of other words.

Handler called the White House press secretary a “harlot” that the administration is “trolloping out every day” on her Netflix show. Handler criticized her makeup, her cleavage, and her “summer whore lipstick,” calling her a “trollop.”

On Wednesday morning, Huckabee accused Handler of jealousy while standing up for his daughter on “FOX & Friends.”

[Handler] boasts about the two abortions she had at 16. I think in many ways, she’s jealous of my daughter. My daughter has a husband who loves her and is wonderful to her. My daughter has three delightful children. She’s a happy, balanced person; she enjoys life, she’s a pretty straight-laced person, goes to church, and lives a life Chelsea Handler has never known. And I really think that there’s something deep inside of Chelsea Handler that says, “Gee, I’ve missed out on a lot. I could be raising children, but I aborted them.”

He also called her comments about his daughter “vile and vulgar.”

“I feel sad for Chelsea Handler,” added, insisting that he was not “angry.”

He also called her an “angry, bitter and, frankly, lonely person.”

This is not the first time Huckabee has defended his daughter.

Huckabee and others, including CNN’s Chris Cuomo, accused “Saturday Night Live” of fat-shaming the press secretary when they had cast member Aidy Bryant portray her. In a skit, Bryant used a heavy Southern accent to say, “For those of you who don’t know me yet, my father is Mike Huckabee, and my mother is a big southern hamburger. And, yes, I’m hilarious, like my daddy.”


He later said that he and his wife taught their daughter “that she’s going to be judged by God, not by some not-so-funny comedy writers on ‘Saturday Night Live.'”

A few months later, Huckabee and Sanders appeared on ABC’s “The View” to talk about President Trump and his treatment of women. When asked how he could let his daughter defend Trump, Huckabee replied, “Well, he’s also empowered a lot of women. He’s given my daughter an incredible opportunity.”


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