Man Says He’s Dating a Sex Doll After His Fiancee Left Him


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Videos by Rare

An Australian carpenter may have finally found his long-lost love after being dumped by his fiancee. As an aside, it should be noted that his new love interest doesn’t walk, nor talk, nor bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.

She doesn’t even have a brain, and if the man decides to move on with someone else, he won’t have to worry about breaking her heart. She doesn’t have one of those, either.

The Fiancee in Question

But hey, the sex doll he bought to recover from his own broken heart seems to be suiting him just fine for the time being. She reportedly cost more than $2 grand, which is considerably less than most wedding rings.

“The doll became by synthetic physical companion,” the man said, via the New York Post. “Slowly my heart opened up, and I was distracted from my grief of losing my ex [fiancee] that just wouldn’t go away by itself.”

There’s more. You know it’s true love when you introduce your new flame to your mom — so this man did just that, he said. Mind you, his mother is 85 years old, but she eventually let go of her old-school ways and became happy for her son.

“In the end, she warmed up — it was like a long lost daughter,” he said. “She really got into it.”

The man spent slightly less to buy his sex doll a sister, and pretty soon, he may have a starring role on one of those Sister Wives shows. Only his wives won’t be real.

And yes, he even set up an Instagram account for his beau.

To date, they have never had an argument, making them perhaps the couple all others long to emulate. And she will never leave him.

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