United Airline Ejected Family From Flight After 2-Year-Old Refused To Wear Mask

Looks like United Airlines is under fire once again. Apparently, a family in the United States was ejected from a United Airlines flight after their 2-year-old toddler refused to wear a face mask. The airline has a strict mask policy that requires all passengers to wear face-covering in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus which applies to all ages. However, Eliz Orban and her husband found it very difficult to get their daughter to wear a face mask before the flight from Denver International Airport to Newark left the tarmac.

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Orban’s husband tried to convince the 2-year-old daughter to put the face mask on, but she became very emotional and didn’t want to cooperate with them. He then told the flight attendants and crew members that he was willing to cover the little girl’s mouth during the flight, but that, unfortunately, didn’t meet the airline’s COVID-19 requirements.

Family Kicked Off United Airlines Flight

Due to this, the family was forced to leave the flight. Orban decided to record the whole incident on social media and posted it to her accounts, where the story quickly went viral. She spoke with Fox News, stating, “We are premier members with United, so we’ve flown many times. Even during the pandemic we’ve flown with our two-year-old.” She continued, “We’ve just flown two months ago because all of our family lives on the East Coast, so this is the only way for them to see their granddaughter, and this time was just extremely different.” Who stated that they saw that they had no warning, and no one was working with us or asking questions to help in the situation. She stated, “It was just like, ‘Oh, well your 2-year-old is not complying, you guys are off the plane.'”

The mother had initially claimed that United Airlines had banned them from flying for life, however, the airline told Fox News that that wasn’t the case. Orban added that the incident left her worried about the future. As far as United Airlines, through a statement they noted, The health and safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority, which is why we have a multi-layered set of policies, including mandating that everyone on board 2 and older wears a mask. These procedures are not only backed by guidance from the CDC [The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and our partners at the Cleveland Clinic, but they’re also consistent across every major airline.”

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