Wedding Caterer Sued For Lacing Food With Marijuana

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

An Orlando caterer is being accused of making food with some of the funny stuff. Only no one was laughing. Instead, the caterer is being sued by a wedding guest for serving food at the reception that was laced with marijuana. Seminole County deputies are investigating the matter.

The woman who filed the suit alleges that she has suffered she suffered “severe, permanent injuries” as a result of the cannabis-laced food.

No less than the bride and groom were seemingly in on the whole ordeal, and are facing felony charges. Also, Joycelyn Bryant of Joycelynโ€™s Southern Kitchen is named in the suit for injuries/damages allegedly caused by the food.

Earlier this year, Seminole authorities released bodycam footage from the reception. Many of those in attendance claimed to be feeling sick or weird after eating. Some called 9-1-1.

Wedding Caterer Sued For Lacing Food With Marijuana

โ€œ(Bryant) knew, or should have known, that allowing the food served by (Joycelynโ€™s Southern Kitchen) to be laced with marijuana was reasonably likely to cause injuries and damages to wedding guests,โ€ the woman’s lawsuit states.

Per the New York Post, lab results showed the lasagna and bread tested positive for THC, the main ingredient in marijuana. Also, there were reports that so did chocolate-covered brownies and pudding shots also were laced with weed.

Putting my two cents in here, this caterer probably just wanted everyone to have a good time. Can you blame her? She just wanted to put in her two cents. Jokes aside, yeah maybe don’t do this. You never know who might have a bad reaction and whatnot. Also, remember that consent is always important, kids.

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