“Pet Alligator” Helps Florida Family Reveal Their Baby’s Gender

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

All right, I’ll say it, I am all for gender reveals. I love watching people’s faces light up when they find out what they’re having. It’s exciting, and it gives someone something to look forward to. But this one? This one is a little bit too much, even for you Florida. Let’s just say it took a few chomps from a pet alligator to help a Florida couple find out the gender of their baby. Yes, you read that right, a freaking pet alligator. Because having a dog or a cat is just so overrated.

Stacie Childs-Wright and her husband Chad are expecting, and they decided to announce their baby’s gender a rather interesting and over-the-top way. How? By using their pet alligator “Amos”, to make the big reveal of their 10th child. Which I’m a little surprised that this family has an actual pet alligator. Is this legal?

“Pet Alligator” Helps Florida Family Reveal Their Baby’s Gender

Luckily for us, it was all captured on video, because it’s Florida we’re talking about here. The father is seen barefoot dangling a black balloon from a pole, physically urging the gator to bite it. The provocation results in a quick big chunk, and an explosion of pink powder occurs.

Amos, who has been a member of the family since 2000, seems unbothered with this whole situation, which makes me believe he is over these gender reveals. What makes this even funnier is that the father, who is a nuisance wildlife trapper, appears to be disappointed that the powder is pink. He just walks away from the whole thing. This man just wanted lucky number 10 to be a baby boy! Sorry dad, maybe 11?

This to me seems ridiculous, y’all. This is how people get hurt, by using animals that can actually harm you. Don’t use alligators for gender reveals! Have we learned nothing? Maybe just stick to normal balloons or firecrackers? Well, at least it was one hell of a video.

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