White Castle Is Hiring Robots to ‘Give the Right Tools’ and Serve ‘Hot and Tasty Food’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated with the service at a fast-food joint, well, fear not. Now you will no longer have to yell at the cashier or cook.

Instead, you can maybe take it out on a robot. At least, it appears you can if you pay a visit to White Castle, the Ohio-based chain known for its greasy and cheap sliders.

Today, those sliders are being cooked by Flippy the robot, whose being utilized by 100 White Castles across the nation.

And when it comes to cooking, this machine never misses.

“Flippy will drop everything into the fryer and then at the perfect time, take everything out, give it a little shake and put it into the area for the packaging for the team members,” White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson told Fox & Friends co-host, Steve Doocy.

Burger Flipping Robots

The robot costs about $3,000 a month, which is probably about what White Castle would pay several employees to do the same thing. It can be customized for each kitchen’s specific needs, too.

“For us, it’s around [sic] helping our team members and being empowering,” Richardson said. “Nobody wants to use the ‘p’ word, but the pandemic was a kick in the knees for all of us. Our team members are on the front lines every day. Giving them more tools to help serve our customers hot and tasty food is what it’s all about for us.”

So, in the event you’re looking to get your White Castle slider made to perfection — whether it be beef, chicken, veggie or breakfast — you can count on ol’ Flippy.

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