Woman Gets Backlash on Social Media for ‘Inappropriate’ Funeral Dress

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Videos by Rare

When you attend a funeral, the last thing you should think is, “I need to find something sultry to wear.” But one company is promoting exactly that, anyway. The model who sported the dress said it’s a great way to celebrate the dead. Or something like that.

“It’s extremely modest and covered up, so it’s perfect for a funeral,” she said.

Many of those who commented begged to differ.

Perfect Dress for a Funeral?

“We’ve had so many girls wear this to funerals and they messaged us and said they got so many compliments,” the model said. “It’s super covered up, it doesn’t show any cleavage, and it’s super modest as well.”

Yeah, well, maybe. Guess it depends on your definition of super modest.

Now, to be fair, there probably aren’t too many dead people who would be offended. It’s the living that would likely be taken aback if you showed up to a funeral in this particular outfit.

Backlash on TikTok

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“It’s inappropriate for a funeral,” one female commenter wrote.

“It’s so appropriate,” a male commented.

Basically, it’s like most other things — and all in the eye of the beholder. If it’s for a funeral, then it really is up to the person paying their respects.

Some will say that “respect” is the key part of that sentence, and don’t think this dress fits the bill. Still, you do have to admit that the dress is a little too much. We all agree, right? I mean…at least wear a cardigan? Don’t get us wrong, women can wear what they want…but oh man. That’s quite a lot of holes!

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