“I’m F***ing Hungry!” Woman Threatens to Stab KFC Worker Who Refused Her Service

Anything for some tasty Kentucky Fried chicken! A very rude and probably drunk customer at a California KFC restaurant decided to hop over the counter and threatened to stab an employee after she was refused service for not wearing a face covering. Yup, all because this woman decided not to comply with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic rules. So dumb. Luckily for us, the incident was all caught on video, which shows exactly how the incident went down.

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The woman had just been refused her mashed potatoes and gravy when she decided to go into a complete meltdown and yell profanity-laced fits of rage. The irate customer is heard saying, “I’m F***ing hungry! Give something to eat! now!” First off…that’s really rude, at least say please and wait patiently. Second, what in the world is this woman on? According to the employee, the fast-food joint in Fresno has a strict store policy to not serve customers who aren’t wearing a mask. The employee is heard saying, “I can’t….I’ll get fired.” Which in all fairness, the employee did everything he was expected to do. He was just following corporate rules.

But, the angry lunatic decided she wasn’t going to wear a face mask and tells the KFC worker, “You don’t even work here!” Despite this poor man wearing a KFC uniform and standing by the register. At one point, the woman also tells the worker that she wanted some mashed potatoes and gravy, or he was going to get stabbed. You know, the usual. Luckily witness @Leahmaechastain was there and posted the video on TikTok. The power of social media, y’all.

To finish up her act, the wild video shows the maskless woman, who is officially dubbed as Karen, climbing on top of the eatery’s counter, kicking a promotional sign, and then called the establishment disgusting before ultimately giving up and leaving. Not before another customer sweetly tells the angry customer “I have a mask in the car if you want,” but no, she just stormed out ranting her way through the street.

Probably making her way to McDonald’s hoping they would serve her. Give this woman an Emmy, her performance was finger-lickin’ good. As far as if the angry woman was charged, well that’s still unknown. Still, this can seriously have some consequences, especially since she threatened the poor employee saying she was gonna stab him. Yikes. People are scary, stay safe out there.

Also, just wear a mask, it’s recommended by the CDC! Okay? Okay.

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