Customer Finds A Glove Inside Dunkin’ Smoothie, Shares Video Of Nasty Revelation

Honestly, what would you do?

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

There may be worse things to find in you drink than a glove — but you’d have to think a glove would be near the top.

And a glove isn’t exactly what one Dunkin’ Donuts user claims to have found in his coffee, releasing a TikTok video to make his case and drop at least one curse word.

“@dunkin thanks for the extra flavor,” he wrote in the caption.

The individual said he realized there was something in his drink once he sipped it. Using his straw, he discovered something plastic. At first, he suspected a smoothie packet.

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“I just found the most disgusting thing in my drink at Dunkin,” he wrote.

Both he and the cashier seemed perplexed as to what the object could be. The cashier yelled over to the employee who made the drink.

“Don’t you look inside the cups before you make a drink? There’s a glove in here,” the cashier asked the employee, per the TikTok user. 

Worse, he couldn’t even get a refund because no manager was present. He was told he would need to come back the next day.

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“I don’t think you understand. It’s not like ‘oh this smoothie tastes bad,’” the creator said. “It was a glove in the f***ing drink. I’m at war with Dunkin’ Donuts. Never again.”

How did Dunkin’ Respond?

The next day, he returned to Dunkin’ and received a $5 refund from the manager, he said.

“So many things could’ve gone wrong of possibly having a used glove in my drink,” he says. “I was like ‘not to be a dick about it but…I don’t think I want anything from here ever again.”

He added that he has sent a corporate complaint to Dunkin’ and has not yet heard back.


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