Why is Patrick Mahome’s Wife Getting So Much Hate?

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Following the Super Bowl win by the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Brittany Mahomes, wife of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, dashed onto the field. In an Instagram story, Brittany can be heard shouting, “we did it,” while confetti falls around her. In another story, she is seen celebrating with her husband and their child, Sterling, as they each give the toddler a kiss on the cheek.

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However, Twitter’s reaction to Brittany’s excitment was pretty brutal, with several asking why she was including herself in the win. “Ugh we’re gonna have to listen to Brittany Mahomes for months aren’t we?🤮,” one user tweeted. “That’s great the Chiefs won, but the world loses due to the fact Brittany Mahomes will NEVER shut her trap! # she’s so insufferable,” another one noted

“83% of Chiefs hatred stems from Brittany Mahomes and that math absolutely checks out,” another tweeted.

As Mahomes achieved remarkable success in the NFL, winning two Super Bowls in four seasons and leading his team to a third in 2021, Brittany has become the target of online hatred. The couple is actually high school sweethearts and married him last year. She frequently shares updates about the team and her own fitness tips with her 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Brittany mostly avoids the spotlight until the NFL season begins, but as the Chiefs perform well, she becomes one of the most poked at individuals on the internet. Mahomes has been called everything from “embarrassing,” to a “banshee,” and worse.

Many online fans also dislike Mahomes’ younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, who recently graduated from college and has been labeled “thirsty ass” due to his behavior. This including the time he was seen dancing behind his brother in post-game interviews and posting “embarrassing” TikTok videos.

Although criticism of both Jackson and Brittany is pretty widespread, the bigger hate is aimed at Brittany, which has become pretty vicious. There are remarks about her voice, personality, and physical appearance that often have a misogynistic undertone, despite the fact that both men and women are vocalizing their views on her.

Brittany and Jackson’s collective hate appears to originate from an assumption that relatives of accomplished NFL players should never divert attention from the athletes onto themselves. Specifically, women are often expected to be quietly supportive, but Brittany is outspoken, expressive, and assertive. Despite the fact that everyone seems to want her to modify her behavior, she doesn’t let the hate get to her.

Perhaps the most significant strike against her is that these negative comments don’t appear to affect her. Although she has spoken out against the bullying, she doesn’t appear to be too concerned about people making fun her. She even went on to comment about it on Twitter.

Following the Super Bowl game, she tweeted, “MY BABY DID IT!!!” Although she received some hate, a lot of her trusty followers stood by her side and cheered her on. “Don’t listen to the haters, Brittany. They are just sore losers!” one person wrote.

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