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Rihanna may be famous for her incredible music, but she’s equally known for her carefree, fun attitude toward life. So it should surprise nobody to learn that Rihanna had more fun than anybody else in attendance at the Grammy awards. Due, in large part, to the bedazzled flask she brought along with her!

The flask hardly left her hand throughout the evening and Rihanna wasn’t even remotely trying to hide it.

She was even dancing with said encrusted flask.

Rihanna even uploaded a funny meme to her own Instagram account after the Grammys of a hilarious moment that was caught on camera. Rihanna was very clearly mouthing, “I think it’s time for another shot” to a friend sitting right next to her. Then she took a nice long swig from the flask.

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Rihanna was nominated for eight awards last night and didn’t take home a single one, making her one of the most snubbed artists of all time. She may not have taken home any trophies last night but thanks to her jewel-encrusted flask and willingness to just have fun, she was still a winner.

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