Earlier this week, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo announced his police force will soon be training officers in a pursuit technique known as the PIT maneuver.

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PIT is reportedly short for “pursuit intervention technique,” executed by bumping a fleeing car with the pursuing one in such a way the car ahead loses control and spins out, forcing the car to stop, and, ideally leading to the suspect’s apprehension.

Chief Acevedo said the goal of using this tactic is to end a chase before a suspect can cause harm to people or damage property.

“Suspects are the only ones to blame for injuries in 99 percent of chases,” Chief Acevedo said in the address. “I believe suspects who cause death during chases should be charged with murder. I want the community to know your lives matter. Officers lives matter. That’s why we are starting the PIT.”

According to the department, officers will take a 10-hour class to achieve certification in the PIT maneuver, and they’ll only be certified once their instructor is certain an officer is proficient in the technique.

“Next month, the first officers should be on the street trained. This is our Christmas present to the city of Houston,” Acevedo added in his interview. “For criminals, this is Scrooge.”

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