Cubs Face Another Lawsuit from Fans AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh
AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

After attending the July 5 home game for the Cubs, a man tripped on a step below his seat at Wrigley Field and is now suing the Chicago Cubs over injuries he received from the fall.

Erik R. Ludwig sat in seat 1 of the first row of section 242 when he stood up and fell to the ground, according to the Chicago Sun Times. The lawsuit, which was filed Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court, alleges that the stairway was placed in a dangerously close proximity to the seat.

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As a result of the fall, Ludwig said he suffered “severe and permanent” injuries, forcing him to pay large amounts of money for the treatment and recovery process. Accusing the Cubs of negligence for allowing the stairway to be constructed so close to the seat, Ludwig is seeking more than $50,000 dollars in damages.

It seems the Chicago Cubs have been caught up in several lawsuits lately including the recent accusation that Wrigley Field is not accommodating to handicapped patrons. Now caught between this staircase lawsuit as well as a lawsuit suing team owners to force them to provide better wheelchair access, the Cubs have a lot on their legal plate.

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Filed last month in federal court on behalf of David F. Cerda, this lawsuit alleges that Wrigley Field violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to Fox. Cerda’s lawsuit asserts a renovation that would cost $750 million to the stadium built in 1914.

Chicago Cubs spokesmen declined to comment on either lawsuit at the time.

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