Cub’s player Javier Beaz has exciting news: He’s girlfriend is expecting his first child!

Major congratulations to infielder Javier Baez! WGN reported on the Instagram posted by Baez himself sharing the big news with his 851 followers.

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Announcing it on Wednesday of this week- that he and his girlfriend Irmarie Marquez are expecting their first baby. The picture shows the couple in each other arms wearing white, looking happier than ever. He didn’t mention when the baby is due but made it clear he was a proud dad-to-be.

The post gathered more than 100,000 likes less than five hours after it was posted, with hundreds of enthusiastic comments congratulating the couple and guessing the gender of the baby.

“Baby Baez Is Coming!!!” he posted, all his fans wondered whether they think the baby will be a boy or girl.

We all know Baez is great with kids, given he just got picked to host the Youth Baseball Camp at Elk Grove High School this summer. Baez and other coaches who “will offer tips and hands-on instruction, including lectures, fundamental baseball skills stations, contests, and games in a high-energy, fun, and positive environment,” the official site said.

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Looks like he will be getting all the training to become a father during the summer!

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