Police on the lookout for five men during an East side home invasion

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ABC 7 reported a message from Chicago police alerting the far southeast side neighborhood about an ongoing investigation regarding a home invasion which included a woman being sexually assaulted.

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Stojana Mitrovic, 65, one of the victims, said that a man came to the door of the home near 104th Street and South Avenue F Sunday evening, offering to shovel snow.

Around 8:02 p.m., officers responded to a call in the 10400 block of South Avenue F. The man that had offered so kindly to shovel snow, returned later to complain about the cold and asked to come inside and warm up. When allowed in, he pulled a large knife and was joined by four other men.

One of the suspects had a knife and demanded money from two of the victims, a 65-year-old woman and a 67-year-old man, officials said. Another one of those offenders restrained a 32-year-old woman and sexually assaulted her, according to Chicago police.

The man told NBC Chicago:

“‘Give me money,’ the male victim said the offenders demanded. My wife say, ‘I don’t got any money,'” he continued, adding that the men then said, “‘No, you talk too much. You give me money. I kill you.'”

The invaders took several items, including jewelry, and left. As for their daughter, she was taken to Trinity Hospital for treatment.

“I’m not sleeping, because I’m very, very scared, very scared,” the 65-year-old woman said.

Area South detectives are investigating, but have no one in custody and have not released details of the intruders’ descriptions.

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A community activist named, Andrew Holmes also told NBC that the incident should serve as a reminder to stay vigilant.

“With seniors, you know, kind of, do like you always do, just keep your eyes on the whole block, no matter who’s out there. Watch who’s walking, who’s pulling up, who’s going in and out of people’s house. Get nosy. Be nosy neighbors. That’s the best way to be,” Holmes said.

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