Wiener Circle just dissed Trump’s affair with this epic sign Reddit/Screenshot

The Wiener circle in Chicago is known for a lot of things…

Their to die for grub. Thier verbal abuse. Oh, and their Trump-slamming signs.

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Including this one posted to the front page of the internet:

Reddit Screenshot

If you have been hiding under a rock – Trump has been in hot water recently after allegations regarding an affair with former Porn Star, Stormy Daniels while he was married to Melania that he tried to cover up with $130,000.

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Clearly, the cats outta the bag and Wiener Circle is yowling.

Yikes doesn’t even begin to cover it.

If you can’t visit today, check out the hot dog joint below when Jack McBrayer visited and was met with a lot of choice words, courtesy of Team Coco.

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