A disabled woman accused of killing a man believed to be her boyfriend turned herself in to authorities earlier this week.

Debra Davis, 58, is charged with murder in the shooting death of Rodney Johnson.

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Johnson, 49, was shot outside his southeast Houston home on Tuesday after what authorities labeled as an altercation between he and Davis.

She sat quietly in court Friday with friends and family, as she was arraigned on the murder charges.

Despite her surrender, several conflicting reports are emerging about the relationship between Davis, a disabled former postal worker, and Johnson, a recent parolee:

According to Davis’ attorney, the two were platonic friends who met because Johnson’s son married Davis’ daughter. Davis was also reportedly helping Johnson find a job and adjust to life outside of prison.

However, the victim’s brother claims the couple’s relationship was rocky, lasting only a little over three years.

Chris Johnson, 47, told a local newspaper the pair formed a romantic interest in each other while Johnson was in prison for aggravated robbery. Chris claimed his brother and Davis moved in together, but said Davis would throw Rodney out of the house when she was angry.

Another factor in the conflicting relationship was Davis’ husband, Rogers Davis, Jr., who were married in March 1985.

Debra reportedly moved out of the house in July 2016.

When Rodney Johnson was paroled in February 2015, he lived with his son and Davis’ daughter.  A few months later, he moved in with Rogers and Debra into their home in Richmond. Rodney and Debra later moved to Missouri City, where Debra filed for divorce in September 2016.

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After Debra threw him out of the house, Rodney went to say with his uncle in southeast Houston. He was standing outside his uncle’s house when he was shot and killed.

Debra Davis is free on $50,000 bail pending her trial.

A disabled Houston woman is accused of killing her boyfriend, but police say some stories aren’t adding up Getty police line