Due to a drastic decrease in business post-Harvey, her father said he thought about selling his bakery north of downtown Houston.

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Now, nearly 60,000 retweets later, La Casa Bakery and Cafe may be able to stay open, all thanks to the owner’s daughter Jackie Garza who took to Twitter to promote her Trinidadian father’s business.

Garza, a senior at the Heights High School, hopes her father’s dream, the one he made come true when he opened the restaurant two years ago after working for longer, stays alive.

The Tweet last Wednesday reportedly generated so much support and notoriety, the panaderia is now swamped with business.

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Now Jackie’s social media savvy may just pay off, especially since she said she hopes to become a partner with her father following her graduation.

See y’all there!

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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