A casket maker drove 100 miles to Sutherland Springs with an offer in tow when he heard about the tragic mass shooting at the First Baptist Church.

Trey Ganem, 46, owns a coffin company east of Sutherland Springs in Edna, Texas. He wanted to do what he could to help the people of the afflicted town, so he put forth an offer to make caskets for free for the victims of the shooting, and so far 15 people have taken him up on his offer.

According to a Fox report, his product usually sells for over $3,000 apiece.

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Ganem provided the same service in his own town of Edna when a fire took the lives of some of the town’s children.

“I donated caskets to the family. I knew the kids,” he said in an interview with CNN. “It was the most emotional time in my life.”

“What we want to do is start the healing process here,” Ganem said of Sutherland Springs. “I want to make sure that we celebrate the lives of the people who were there.”

He added, “We want people to know that we are here for them. We are praying for these families that were affected and we will continue to.”

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According to the Fox report, Ganem specializes in personalized caskets. He plans to paint coffins with princesses and Barbie for some of the younger victims, the youngest being 1 year old.

Over two dozen people were brutally killed, making the it the worst mass shooting in the state’s history.

A man who knows about hometown tragedy is offering free custom caskets to Sutherland Springs victims Rare Media Library