Burlesque performer, stand-up comedienne and now book reviewer, Houston’s Kiki Maroon does it all

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Editor’s Note: Video contains strong language. 

Kiki Maroon, a Houston-based stand-up comedienne, burlesque performer and producer of her own monthly show, recently took to Facebook Live to offer her review of Rick Johnson’s “How to Talk So Your Husband Will Listen.”

She picked up the advice book while taking a friend to a local pharmacy.

“I was like, ohh, this is going to be good!”

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Her review jumps straight to the chapter, “Speaking Your Man’s Language,” which compares communication methods used by horse trainers to methods Johnson recommends women to use when communicating with the men in their lives.

“I feel like this chapter should be retitled, ‘How To Be A Horse’s Ass Whisperer.’”

The author details a conversation with a horse trainer, where the trainer compares horses to “3-year-old autistic children” in their need for routine and consistency.

“You (the author) are saying that men are no different than three-year-old autistic children,” she said. “I’m sorry, but I’m not dating horse babies.”

Maroon also mentions the section where the author claims men tune out “distractions” due to their ancient past as hunters and food providers for their families and tribes.

“So, you’re saying that you don’t listen to your wife because (of) evolution?” she asked.

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She goes on to poke fun at the author’s statement of men tuning out the details of their mate’s stories.

“But details make the story,” she said. “I’m sorry if you’re too stupid to follow them.”

She quickly refutes any ideas of her review as a “feminist rant” or could be construed as “anti-male.”

“I am talking as someone who loves men,” she said. “This guy is making you all sound really (expletive) stupid.”

Thanks for the laugh, Kiki!

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