Craigslist ad lures men seeking sex to unknowing couple’s Pasadena home Rare Media Library

A post on the popular classified ad site Craigslist lured at least 20 men seeking sex to the home of an unsuspecting couple in Pasadena, Texas.

Anthony and Hayley (no last names provided) were out of town one weekend when they learned several men had come to their home, believing they were attending a sex party and that Hayley would be available to service them.

The couple traced the strange visitors to a Craigslist ad that featured suggestive photos of a woman (not Hayley) and said visitors could expect to have sex with the woman pictured.

“All races, sizes shapes welcome. Show up knock on the door and you will be let in,” the ad read, in part.

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“It was to insinuate that (the woman in the photos) was me and to come over, have sex and definitely word it differently than what I’m saying right now,” Hayley told a local TV station.

The couple suspected the ad stemmed from a Facebook notification they received in November 2016.

“I got a Facebook notification from this individual that made a fake Facebook profile,” Anthony told the station. “He started sending me threatening messages, telling us that we’ve messed with the wrong person, telling us that he has started sending random guys to the house and knocking on your door.”

Pasadena police launched an investigation and arrested a suspect, Santa Fe resident Darrell Gibson. Gibson was later convicted of harassment.

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For the couple, the most mystifying aspect of the case is the lack of apparent motive. Both say they’ve never met Gibson, nor do they understand why he would target them for such an attack. The couple plan to sue Gibson for the harassment they endured.

“We’re going to expose this type of behavior in a way that people like Mr. Gibson are going to think twice about engaging in this type of behavior,” the couple’s attorney, Clayton D. Craighead, told the station.

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