Get ready for the bevy of new laws to hit Texans Rare Media Library
Image of Texas capitol building taken by Billie Grace Ward and used under creative commons license. Source: Flickr

A total of 26 new laws took effect the moment we stepped into the new year in the Lone Star State.

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The passage of SB 1381 allows retail stores to prevent you from using your credit or debit card to make a purchase if you don’t have a valid government-issued ID, according to

Another ID law allows voters who have a “reasonable impediment” to getting a government identification card to use things like bank statements at the polls to prove residency. However, voters could face jail time if they lie about not being able to attain a photo ID.

Others regulate prepaid calling cards, the appeals process for home appraisals and how much milk you can haul on a semi. The full list of laws with links to the complete text and history of each can be found here.

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