J.J. Watt brightens the day of a tiny fan with a broken leg who wants to be just like his idol

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Recovering from a broken leg is hard for anyone, but it’s especially difficult when you’re an active 6-year-old boy like Cooper Davis.

Davis injured his leg just before the New Year’s celebrations while jumping on a trampoline.

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“I was screaming bloody murder, and they didn’t even think my leg was broke. I said, ‘I broke my leg! I broke my leg!’ But they didn’t think I did,” Davis said in an interview with KHOU.

Unfortunately,  an X-ray confirmed the tyke indeed broke his leg in a tibial plateau fracture – a big injury for a small boy, as doctors said.

His team, however, added a tidbit of information putting a smile on Davis’s face: he would be receiving treatment for the same injury as J.J. Watt, one of his favorite Texans players.

According to his mother Judith, knowing he shared something in common with J.J. Watt made Cooper perk up:

“He got up, and he asked for his J.J. Watt jersey. I was like, OK. He said, ‘Look, mom, I’m J.J.,’” his mother said in an interview.

Once he settled back on the couch, Judith snapped a photo and tweeted it to Watt, who she said quickly Tweeted back.

“Here is my boy…He has a tibial plateau fracture. He says “I’m just like JJ, momma!” Judith tweeted.

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“Ahh man I’m so sorry to hear that, but love to see him smiling!! Tell him that this is just a test to see how tough we are and we’re gonna come back stronger than ever!!! #OneDayAtATime (and DM me his GamerTag, I’ll play some XBox with him to help pass the time!),” Watt responded.

As always, J.J. Watt was quick to put a smile on a fan’s face.

Get well soon, y’all!

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