He said his first video went viral by accident.

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Now the “What Teachers Really Say” guy is a YouTube sensation:

During an interview, Houston sixth grade charter-school educator Eddie Brown said he posted one on his Facebook page last year, where he showed his comedy to be as strong as his teaching skills.

Brown said he encountered an overwhelming response, and, as he posted more, mostly talking about the routine injustices teachers face, he found more notoriety:

Last week, CBS Evening News profiled the man, who clearly tapped into a niche — things only teachers may find funny.

Brown said his jokes are nothing more than obvious observations to those in the profession:

“This is what they want to say – and don’t say,” Brown said in his interview with CBS’s Steve Hartman. “First of all, we don’t get paid enough. I can’t stress that enough. And it’s not being able to teach how you want to teach.”

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Brown’s “Teachers Only” comedy tour is selling out across the nation, proving teachers can be inspirational in all sorts of ways. Get your tickets today!


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