Houston’s “Be Someone” bridge could soon become a protected landmark with your help

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A petition recently posted on Change.org is calling for Houston’s famous “Be Someone” bridge graffiti to be designated as a protected landmark.

According to the post, vandals defaced the graffiti several times over the years, including during the Super Bowl LI celebrations late last January.

The petition’s description reads as follows:

“The ‘Be Someone’ Street art painted on the railway bridge over I-45 South outside downtown Houston is a treasure to everyone who lives here. It is known nationwide as a symbol of Houston. Over the last year and a half the ‘Be Someone’ art has been defaced and left to other graffiti artists to fix to the best of their abilities. It is still far from being the original Be Someone that was painted in 2012. Many people already view this as a Houston Landmark but it lacks the official approval and protection of the City of Houston.”

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After inspiring Houston for more than five years, the bridge art now regularly appears on everything, from T-shirts to posters, and it even became part of holiday light show this year.

Alex Ramos, one of the artists who lit up the bridge, spoke about the significance of the life-affirming message some once considered an eyesore:

“Just like graffiti, we just set up (the light show). Like ‘Be Someone.’ They didn’t ask someone for permission to paint that on there. Somebody just did it. Now it’s become a permanent staple of Houston.”

Houstonian Coleton Emr reportedly filed the petition with Change.org; his Twitter page describes him as a “Cosplayer, Historian, Entrepreneur and dabbler in all things nerd.”

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As of this writing, more than 13,950 visitors are on board for the protection, signing the petition.

Visitors can view and sign the petition at Change.org.

Regardless of your thoughts on the art/graffiti, Be Someone today, Houston!

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