Joey Bozik is not your typical jiu jitsu instructor.

In 2004, he lost both his legs and one arm while serving with the U.S. Army in Iraq.

Years later, when he brought his daughter to her martial arts class, he found what would ultimately be a new direction for his life.

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“It started off as just something to do physically, to keep myself active, something to do with my kids,” Bozik said in an interview with ABC. “But in the end, it became a personal focus as well, getting better both physically and mentally.”

He went from training at McKinney jiu jitsu studio Tier 1 Training Facility to teaching.

From there, he launched an organization called the We Defy Foundation, aimed at introducing veterans to the physical art.

Eventually, he grew confident enough to compete in tournaments, even against opponents who were not amputees.

For the past three years, Bozik has been striving for a win; now, seven tournaments later at a competition in Round Rock, he finally got it.

He plans to continue teaching his unique perspective on dedication and determination to the kids taking his classes.

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“I want them to look at me and see anything’s possible,” Bozik said.

Congrats to this Texas hero!

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