National platform names Houston’s Reserve 101 bar named best whiskey spot in Texas

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Ever the authority on where to get your drink on, earlier this month, Thrillist released a list of the best whiskey bars in every state, and Houston’s Reserve 101 topped the list in Texas.

According to the report, Thrillist explains this bar is a gathering place for all types of whiskey lovers, not just the ones who can afford a $300+ taster of a super rare scotch, like Glen Grant.

They offer an assortment of whiskey to choose from, including Knob Creek and Annasach.

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Since opening in 2008, Reserve 101 put together a collection of more than 340 types of whiskey from 14 different countries, according to their website.

Their list, broken up into ‘Made in the USA’ and International sections, includes a selection from right here in Texas, such as Houston’s Yellow Rose Distillery.

Reserve also boasts a gold award from Whiskey Magazine, who named it one of the best whiskey bars in the world, as well as a feature in Eater magazine.

But don’t be intimidated by the awards and upscale atmosphere:

Reserve 101 is one of the best places to stop in for a taste next time you’re out on the town, or take a date to their Valentine’s Day tasting, where you can pair your choice of whiskey with chocolate.

Don’t sleep on their cocktails, either:

Whether you want to be basic with a pumpkin spice and coffee flavored ‘Get In the Car Bitch, We’re Going Shopping’ or drink like monarch with the ‘King’s Reward,’ chances are something on their menu will appeal to your taste.

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Whiskey pairs great with Taco Tuesday! See y’all there!

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