Proving Houston’s superiority once and for all, one Dallas mom had a spacey question about the eclipse

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Yesterday’s total solar eclipse was an event, with people across the U.S. driving for hours, camping out and hiking to the tops of the tallest hills to catch a glimpse of the moment the moon would block out the sun.

But for one mom in Dallas, it was a bit of an inconvenience:

“Most kids go back to school on that day. Can it be done on the weekend?” she wrote to Dallas’ Perot Museum, which was hosing a solar eclipse party.

Its a mystery why this woman thought a museum holds the power to change the laws of space, nature and time, but you have to admire her dedication to her children’s attendance record and schedule.

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Still in the dark on the answer?

No, a celestial event cannot be rescheduled for another day.

If that were the case, Pompeii might still be here, because the people would be able to keep putting off the eruption of its volcano like student loan payments.

Other parents were only too eager to pile on the shame in the comments section:

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“Hoping this is a joke,” wrote one, “If not, please never consider homeschooling.”

Another chimed in: “Too late to reschedule. Any changes in eclipse dates must be done at least 90 days prior to event.”

Joking aside, the only dumb question is the one not asked. Mostly.

What do you think?

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