Records show state parole board released a suspect in the Houston-area Lam Family murders 27 years early

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Records show a parole board released Khari Kendrick, one of three men arrested in connection with the brutal murder of Bao and Jenny Lam, from jail after serving three years of a 30 year prison sentence.

Kendrick reportedly received a grant of release less than two months before the murders, according to ABC.

Originally sentenced to the 30 years for convictions of burglary, weapons charges and engaging in organized criminal activity, Kendrick became released from prison on supervised parole, and board members gave three reasons for their decision:

For starters, Kendrick “maintained a satisfactory institutional adjustment.”

Additionally, records showed he completed prison programs, activities and treatments; this, combined with no prior jail time and his agreement to parole supervision, led board members to believe he should be free to go.

Despite their findings, Kendrick ended up back in police custody, this time with blood on his accused hands:

“You can’t keep bad guys from doing bad things, if they’re determined to do so,” Doug Shannon of Northgate Forest Community Management said in an interview regarding the suspects’ believed climb underneath the outside gate.

A judge reportedly denied all three suspects bond during a court hearing Thursday morning, according to KPRC, during which, evidence revealed the accused also stole a black Lincoln SUV ultimately tying them to a arrest.

Police said the three men robbed another house in the area before the murders, allegedly recognized by someone who lived in the same apartment complex who tipped of the authorities.

Upon their arrest, one of the men reportedly possessed jewelry belonging to the Lams on his person.

One of the three confessed to the crime and informed on the others, according to prosecutors.

After police outlined details of the crime, a judge denied bond to two of the three suspects.

Kendrick is currently awaiting time before a judge.

This is a developing story.

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