A group of seven holiday revelers set out in a kayak for some July 4 fun when tragedy struck Tuesday night in Galveston.

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Their boat, possibly unbalanced and at capacity, flipped in the water, killing a a 36-year-old Houston man.

Rufino Suarez was thrown from the kayak and into the water.

His 5-year-old son was also injured and transported to the hospital for observation.

Neither were wearing life jackets at the time of the crash.

The boat, loaded down with three adults and four children, was at the San Luis Pass when the accident occurred.

Five of the passengers were able to get to the shoreline safely, and witnesses believe an onlooker saved the life of Suarez’s son, pulling him out of the water.

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Authorities were later able to recover Suarez’s body in shallow water.

They cautioned water-goers to always wear life jackets.

This Houston family was out for some 4th of July fun, but then, tragedy struck near San Louis Pass AP Photo/Kim Christensen
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