Meet the man whose incredible story of hard work and perseverance has taken the Internet by storm

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On Sunday, the world learned of James Robertson, a Detroit man without a car or access to public transportation, who walks over 20 miles round trip to and from his job outside the city every day.

In just one day, a variety of Internet crowd-funding campaigns have raised over $30,000 for Robertson, in an effort to purchase him a car, pay his insurance and find someone to manage this new influx of cash.

With a new mix of wintry weather descending on the mid-west, efforts heated up to make sure Robertson didn’t have to make his trek in the snow.

“I’ve had worse. This is reminiscent of those snowstorms last year, and I made it then,” Robertson told the Detroit Free Press, unwilling to break his perfect attendance streak of more than a dozen years.

With a new influx of cash headed his way, Robertson may find himself in a precarious situation dealing with different insurance companies, and will rely on friends to help him sift through the information.

“It might be tough, but my dad used to say, tough times don’t last — tough people do.”

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