Meghan Markle Accused by Ex of Clout Chasing Professional Golfer

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Meghan Markle’s new biography is airing out all of her dirty laundry. Full of unsavory stories about the duchess, it tries to show a pattern of her victimizing others for personal gain. And one chapter alleges that she had a questionable relationship with professional Irish golfer Rory McIlroy while dating someone else.

In “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors,” by investigative reporter Tom Bower, Meghan is accused of exploiting McIlroy in order to boost her social status.

According to Bower, Meghan met McIlroy when he nominated her for the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014. She asked him to personally come dump the ice on her at her friend’s New York City apartment.

Meghan was dating chef Cory Vitiello at the time and McIlroy had just broken up with his Danish fiancée, tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. Bower wrote that McIlroy was “chasing brunettes” at the time.

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After posting the Ice Bucket challenge online, Meghan and Rory went out for drinks at the Fitzpatrick Hotel, where he was staying. The hotel’s owner, John Fitzpatrick, saw them and invited them out to dinner at Cipriani with 20 people.

Bower wrote that McIlroy had a golf tournament the next day and “his performance suffered” after partying with Meghan all night. He then allegedly returned to see Meghan after falling to 101st place in the tournament.

Meghan soon after wrote about McIlroy on her now deleted blog, The Tig.

“Ah yes. Rory McIlroy. THE Rory McIlroy. Whispered (and shouted) to be the foremost golfer in the world, loved by Tiger, respected by Palmer, and dumper of frigid water on to my lone head for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. That Rory McIlroy.”

Meghan mentioned the dinner at Cipriani and praised the golfer for his expensive taste in wine. Of McIlroy, she wrote he was “as real and honest as they come, appreciating a simple smile, never shunning a fan photo, enjoying a plate of pasta with veal ragu, and expressing a love for his parents that is rarely seen in men his age.

“Or at any age, to be honest. He is not just the real deal… he is real. And perhaps that is what makes him even more cherished.”

The Actress’s Actions Led Her Boyfriend To Question Her Relationship With Rory McIlroy

Meghan later travelled to Dublin, Ireland with her boyfriend, Cory. While there, she allegedly went on a dinner date solely with Rory.

Bower wrote that Cory repeatedly felt put off by Meghan’s relationship with Rory but she repeatedly insisted that they were only platonic.

But despite making her boyfriend feel uncomfortable, Meghan still insisted on publicizing her friendship with Rory. Bower says she set up deliberate paparazzi shoots and would slip information to news outlets for the publicity.

Royal gossip expert Neil Sean once said of the biography that “A  lot of people were willing to go on record and speak, many without being paid, we might point out as well.” He said that Meghan was likely terrified “ because obviously, they’ve got an axe to grind.”

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