Circus Bear Tries To Eat Trainer’s Face In Front Of Crowd

A 16-year old brown bear named Yashka attacked and injured its trainer

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One sure to way to entertain kids is to roll out a bear and have him prance around, do some tricks and follow along with a professional handler.

That is, until the bear decides that he’s had enough.

Such was the case in Russia, as a 16-year old brown bear named Yashka attacked and injured its trainer during a circus act.

The video reveals the bear starting of casually, strutting along while walking on its hind legs, and pushing a wheelbarrow. Hey, who doesn’t have fun doing that?

Well, a brown bear name Yashka, that’s who.

With barely a moment’s notice, Yashka attacked the trainer. The bear threw all of its 660 pounds on the trainer’s body, pinning him to floor and biting him. Interestingly, another trainer rushed over and started kicking the bear — but the bear was very clearly undeterred.

Needless to say, onlookers were shocked and highly likely a bit nervous themselves.

Yashka reportedly never had been even remotely violent prior to the attack. The manager of the circus had his own theory. He said that combination of the bear not feeling well and flashes from cellphones may have agitated the bear.

But yes, it all ended OK, as both the bear and the trainer are a-OK. No word, however, on whether Yashka will continue to tour, or has decided to retire to help with yardwork by pushing a wheelbarrow.

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  1. You have to wonder if that trainer was being cruel to the bear Yashka. But yes, he should be able to retire now (the bear, not the trainer).

  2. Could it be, that the trainer had been abusing and beating the bear before this happened, and the bear had had enough?

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