This Texas Farmer’s Story About What’s Important Will Bring You to Tears

You’ve heard the story of the prodigal son. This Texan’s story is a sort of modern version of that tale. When Herb Dishman was young, his father taught him how to farm rice fields in China, Texas. He was eager to learn and considered working the fields his favorite pastime.

As a young man, Dishman went to school and carved his own path, working in restaurants and later trying his hand in the music business. But his pursuits left him unfulfilled.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It wasn’t until he traveled across the world to work on a documentary that he found his true calling. While in the jungles of Cambodia, Dishman documented rice farmers. What he learned from them changed his entire outlook on life and made him realize what he was seeking all along was back where he began.

Nomadique, a Brooklyn-based production company, created this three-minute documentary about Dishman’s story. It has a powerful message about finding your way and what’s important in life. And it may give you a different perspective on the American farmer.

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