While Spider-Man may reside in New York City, your friendly neighborhood Ghetto Spider lives somewhere else.

A Twitter user who goes by Mille Batson (handle @lokivy) tweeted out a series of videos of a person jamming out to a-ha’s “Take On Me.” The person behind the mask, who Batson later explained calls himself Ghetto Spider, is reportedly a 16-year-old who hails from Memphis, Tennessee.

Both Ghetto Spider’s legendary moves and Memphis culture were appreciated by all who saw them.

Some were appalled that no one rushed to Ghetto Spider’s side in an effort to hype up his stunning performance.


Others wondered how amazing it would be if they watched the same video, but with Deadpool.

Well, @rugbystarcm69, you no longer need to wonder what that might look like.

Ghetto Spider teamed up with Deadpool late last year in a dance-off that reached the corners of the internet — though we’re guessing the person behind this Deadpool’s mask was not Ryan Reynolds.

More of Ghetto Spider’s moves can be found on his YouTube channel and Instagram.


(H/T Twitter)

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