Step up to the hot new viral challenge that’s about to sweep the nation


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Forget about the political discourse and celebrity sex scandals — December 2017 will forever be remembered for one thing: The Invisible Box Challenge.

Remember that summer a couple years ago when it seemed like every day, a new video surfaced of a celebrity braving a cold bucket of ice water to raise money for ALS? Maybe you and your friends challenged each other to endure the ice or donate instead. Well, the Ice Bucket Challenge is frozen in time. And the Mannequin Challenge? Well that died when Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff killed it — so you’ve almost certainly got a viral challenge-shaped hole in your life, and pretending to step on an invisible step is here to fill the that hole, and it’s about to sweep the nation.

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Although the challenge appears to have originated sometime in 2014, it was until a Texas-based cheerleader by the name of Ariel Olivar shared a video of her attempting the challenge to her Twitter followers that it really blew up, according to the BBC.

“When I posted it to my Snap story and then later on at night to Twitter … it exploded and went everywhere,” Olivar told ABC News, adding that she “did not expect it to do that.”

“I was up all night because the notifications would not stop coming and it’s unbelievable how a six-second video got to this where we are now,” she continued.

Pretty impressive, right? So impressive that it has now been shared over 147,000 times (and that figure keeps climbing).

Sadly, not everyone is as talented as Ariel.

Maley Moak’s friend Maggie’s effort was valiant, but she hasn’t quite figured it out. She steps way higher than where the top of her invisible box should be. It’s not a terrible attempt by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Holly here really flopped. Better luck next time, Holly.

But some people just know what they’re doing.

Above is college football player Dontez Hines’ attempt from way back in August. He absolutely nailed it! But for some reason, his video didn’t quite blow up like Ariel’s did. Cheerleaders must be more popular than football players.

This guy is pretty good too:

As good as Ariel is, it would be crazy to expect her to get it right every time:

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

What do you think?

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