#BuschWeddings YouTube/Busch Beer
YouTube/Busch Beer

Wedding season is upon us once again and, if you’re one of the lucky couples getting hitched this year, cancel whatever your wedding plans are and head for the mountains instead. Busch beer wants to throw you the most glorious wedding anyone who owns a pontoon boat could ever dream of. Busch beer’s new campaign, #BuschWeddings, is offering to provide $25,000 (the average cost of a wedding in the United States) for one lucky couple’s wedding as well as a full supply of Busch beer and the officiant. All you have to do is explain to Busch why you and your partner are the perfect couple to have their love sponsored by America’s most American beer.

The officiant for your wedding, by the way, will be the actual Busch spokesperson known, naturally, as the “Busch guy”. (This is like getting married by Duff Man, how could you say no?) Suffice it to say, your wedding has the potential to go from a fun affair to an unforgettable, domestic beer-fueled event. The Busch guy (aka the guy who’s going to marry you) explains everything in this YouTube video.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Anheuser-Busch is offering to pay for your wedding. All you have to do is head to the Busch website or go to Busch’s Pinterest page and submit to them why you and your partner should receive the ultimate wedding gift from Busch, as well as a picture of yourselves looking like a happy couple.

Stop worrying about who you have to cut from your guest list because your wedding budget is inflating like a hot air balloon and giving you daily panic attacks. Busch beer has got your wedding day covered. Your new wedding color is copper.

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