Oreo's New Flavor Involves Buttered Popcorn...I Think I'll Pass! Instagram: @thejunkfoodaisle
Instagram: @thejunkfoodaisle

Listen, I am all for random cookie flavors. M&M cookies, Reeses swirled into dark chocolate chunks, white chocolate chip cookies, Girl Scout Thin Mints, you name it…I?m all down for ?regular? new flavors. But this…this monstrosity involving buttered popcorn? That?s just too much, Oreo! Come on now, you?re better than this!

According to Instagram food blogger ?The Junk Food Aisle?, the company is releasing their buttered popcorn Oreo flavored cookies soon. I know, I was confused too. Although Oreo hasn?t officially confirmed it yet, I wouldn?t be completely shocked if they actually did release it.

I mean, the company has already released limited edition Oreo flavors such as the Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos, Peppermint Bark Oreos, Carrot Cake Oreos, and Peeps. So, buttered popcorn? Yeah, I can totally see it. As far as taste? Well, according to the Instagram user, they taste like pineapple after ?just licking the cream?. The sandwich cookies resemble the regular white chocolate cookies, golden with yellow cream in the middle.


?I got to try one of these last month without being told what flavor it was, and I would have put all my money on it being ‘Pineapple’ after just licking the crème,? the photo is captioned. ?Eating it in its natural sandwich cookie state, though, and it becomes everyone?s least favorite Jelly Belly (but better!)? The account also notes that the mockup photo is ?based on actual packaging.?

Now, I don?t know about you, but pineapple to me sure doesn?t taste like Popcorn. Maybe that’s just my palate? But who knows, right? As I said, there’s still no word if these oddballs will ever see the day, but don?t be surprised if you see them at your local Target in coming weeks, maybe even months. Hey movie lovers, time to sneak in those new Oreos.


In the meantime, why not try these Kettle Corn Oreos?

New year, new flavor?

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