Horray! Lay’s Is Releasing New Flamin’ Hot Pickle Flavored Chips!

Yes, yes, yes! I love chips! Chips are my weakness and they make me happy and I have no shame in saying so. Ask any one of my friends and they will tell you my obsession are new flavored chips. Give me that pickled cheese with cool ranch flavor, please! So, when I learned that Lay’s came out with a new flavor, I was all up on that! It looks like pickles are really having a moment this year (shout out to that pickle bouquet) because Lay’s has just released three new flavor chips including Flamin’ Hot Pickle.

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Yes, you read that right Flamin’ Hot Pickle spicy tangy and a wonderful flavor all rolled into one. The new flavor comes after Lay’s released their “Turn up the Flavor” campaign where each of the three flavors were inspired by different genres of music. The full name of the new pickle chips is Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle remix and is inspired by hip-hop music.

Lay’s partnered up with singer Bebe Rexha, creating songs about the new flavors. Rexha is seen singing on the latest commercial, where she remixes of songs three different ways as a way to promote the delicious chips.

Although I’m already sold with the Flamin’ Hot Pickle Chips, there are also two other flavors including the Wavy Electric Lime and Sea Salt and Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese. Lay’s sea salt chips are inspired by pop music, because duh, and have a tangy and vibrant flavor to them. The Beer Cheese Chips are inspired by rock music, which seems very appropriate after that hardcore name.

Honestly, this is the best thing that Lay’s can do, who doesn’t love chips and who doesn’t love music? As far as other genres and other chip flavors, who knows! But, chips that taste like beer and cheese all rolled into one? I am sold.

This isn’t the first time that Lay’s comes up comes up with different flavors. Last year the company came up with eight “New Taste of America” flavors inspired by different parts of the country. The company released flavors such as Cheesecake Bay Crab Spice, New England Lobster Roll, Pimento Cheese, Thai Sweet Chili, Deep Dish Pizza, Cajun Spice, Chili Con Queso, and Fried Pickles and Ranch. The fried pickles with ranch were everything, if there are any pickle fans out there, you need to try them as soon as possible!

So yeah, Flamin Hot Chips will do just fine, come on over.

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