These new McDonald’s curly fries look unbelievably delicious RocketNews24

A curly fry is one of life’s simple pleasures. McDonald’s restaurants in Asia understand that.

Last summer, McDonald’s Singapore debuted curly crab-flavored fries to capitalize on the country’s love of seafood. Now, McDonald’s Japan is offering similar spuds for a limited time.

The new fries are reportedly seasoned to make them mildly spicy. A regular order of fries costs 320 yen, or about $2.75, but for an additional 50 yen (43¢), customers can upgrade to the curlies.

According to RocketNews24, curly McDonald’s fries first appeared in Japan in 2015. This time, they’ll only be sold through early February.

This is far from the strangest new fry to pop up on the McDonald’s Japan menu. Last Halloween, it featured bizarre pumpkin spice fries.

We’ve noticed an upsetting trend. Some of the best new McDonald’s side items are only being sold in foreign markets! Australians get to feast on tater tots, while those delicious-looking waffle fries were only available in Canada. Bring them all to America, McDonald’s!

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